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Best Night Club:   Club Rehab at Piache's Every Thursday is Thirsty Thursday now, and they basically offer happy hour all day!!! Great club to start off at or end up at since they are usually open from 4pm until after 2am. They usually play great music, and you can request songs most of the time too. Great happy hour from 4 to 7 when they offer half priced drinks. They are located across the street from the casino.

Best Dance Club:   Club Benque Rock All the students say that Benque Rock is the best for dancing all night! See for yourself. Located in Benque, so you might need a taxi or rental car to get there.

Best Hang Out:   Eva's Eva's has moved!!! Maybe because that first 100 feet of Burns avenue has totally gone downhill. Bob and Netty, San Ignacio's dynamic duo, are at it again. They have great Belizean food, and are now a block away from said trouble spot. I've only heard good things about the food and the atmosphere in the last week! They are on Far West street, near Martha's Hotel.

Best Ex-pat bar:   Remo's Roadhouse Many of the ex-pats start at Remo's because of the great conversation and stories provided by the owner - he can tell you stories that even locals don't know. The Roadhouse Grill is top notch too: try the hot dogs or buffalo wings there while watching a game! Located in Bullet Tree Falls, just 3 miles from downtown - the first building on the right as you enter Bullet Tree Falls.

Best Happy Hour:   Mr. Greedy's Too While they have the best pizza, and a great burger, they also have a happy hour that offers half price local rum drinks. Great bar to hangout at downtown, and watch everyone go by. They have some amazing appetizers too - try the onion rings.

Best Jungle Cantina:   Misty Mountain Not only does Misty Mountain make their own liqueurs there, but they have the best jungle atmosphere in the country, being located just outside of Mountain Pine Ridge Reserve. Try their Caye-Lua, Coco-Lua, or Coconut Rum, and you'll want to buy a case. They also have a nice munchie menu. Great place to hit after seeing MPR, before hitting the long road home.

Best Local Hangout:   Mariana's This is a good place to hang out, listen to some music, and talk with the locals. They have indoor seating, but most people hang out in the enclosed bar and patio area on the street. Located at Bullet Tree Road and Joseph Andrews Drive, across the street from Chuc's market.

San Ignacio Town might not have a lot of great live music, but there are quite a few different types of bars, clubs, and hangouts.