William's Belize Shuttle


Taking the luggage to the shuttle

Email William at Belize Shuttle: belizeshuttle@yahoo.com

William the Belize Shuttle owner and operator

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The Belize Shuttle vehicle William loaded up, and ready to shuttle people to their next destination William's new and improved van


Reviews from Trip Advisor

I decided to hire a private driver to take us to Chaa Creek with a stop at Belize Zoo to break up the trip. We found his contact info in one of the posts - William Hofman. He charged half of what Chaa Creek was charging and he also include a stop at the zoo. We had pre-arranged for him to meet us at the Marine Terminal and he was there as scheduled. William is very knowledgeable about the area and resides in San Ignatio and gave us a good background of the country and the different areas we were passing through.     HWA-SHIH He was just great. The road is ok between Belize City and San Ignacio is ok but is was so much better having William drive us. That way no one had to drive or stick to the map...it was a vacation for all of us! William was resonably priced, curteous, and very knowledgable about the country. I'll use him again on our next trip!     Helena Traveler
We used William for transfers between SI and the BC Ferry Terminal and then SI to BZE. He is very reliable.     ariellejesse I just used William's Shuttle Service last week, and it was a smooth ride. Went really quick too. He is well spoken, and knows all about Belize. He even stopped at the Blue Hole, on the way to Placencia, for no charge.     DrFeelAwesome
As a result of the comments here, we made arrangements with him in advance and despite the fact that our plane was canceled, and then our replacement flight was over an hour late, he met us just as cheerfully as could be, without any hint that our change of plans might have disrupted his. Although our plans to stop at the zoo on the way out of town were thwarted due to the timing, he picked a nice place for us to stop and get a bite to eat before taking us on a very nice drive to Chaa Creek, one of the resorts near San Ignacio. He was, in short, professional, friendly, helpful and resourceful -- I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone.     ShoshTrvls how awesome is William, i dont know where to write this review, but i hope this gets back to him...he is great, you really feel taken care of with him...he answers emails very quickly and when he wasnt able to pick us up, he arranged for one of his friends to do so at a very good price, and when we asked for it to be adjusted, he did so fairly...he basically helped take care of all of our transport needs, and he didnt even get business from us personally. even when we were taken care of, he emailed me to make sure everythign was okay and set...he is awesome, i wish i had met him.     ParmPari
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